Well not much really going on

DH came home for 2 weeks leave from his deployment in Iraq. It was nice having him home but not back to reality….

Things here are going good. Since he left, I decided to look for a part time job. Something to keep me occupied and the extra money wouldn’t hurt 🙂 I have decided with my paycheck to put 1/2 into savings and the other half into paying more on our CC’s. I am already paying extra on our cards. I have put a big dent into them since he’s been gone. Still owe alot but i can see it going down. Plus our Credit Score has gone up so i’m happy about that.

I went in for a job interview yesterday wiht Old Navy but they are just hiring seasonal. They are calling people back Friday so we’ll see. I talked to hubby and he said to take it even if it’s seasonal…. it’ll give me local references. This is my first job since moving here in dec 04. I didn’t work last year because I knew he’d deploy and wanted to spend as much time together as i could. They are going to keep some of the seasonal though…. so we’ll see if i get a call back. I think the interview went good.

This morning I got another call for an interview at the PX on post… It’s the stores on post. I go in in the morning.. I only applied last night so this is promising I think. I hope its not seasonal… LOL I am not going to Maine to see my family this summer like I thought. The plane tickets went up to between $450-600!!! I can’t afford that AND kennel my dogs. Plus with me looking for a job i’d hate to ask for time off so soon.

That’s about it… oh yea.. Wednesday my dog goes in for surgery. He’s got some fatty lumps that are getting removed, as well as getting his teeth cleaned. I worry about him but I’m sure he’ll be okay. He’s a 7 year old border collie mix. He goes in Saturday to get the spots where the lumps are shaved. Should be interesting to say the least! LOL

That’s about it. Hope everyone is doing well!!!