Our system isn’t working for a great many of us

I don’t want to argue, but our system isn’t working for a great many of us, and it is on topic for this board since many people wind up in bankruptcy only due to medical costs. The fact is I am closely related to a family of Canadians, some of whom work here for major pharmaceuticals so I think they understand our system very well. None of them would change. I know many other Canadians who feel the same way. To be honest, there are those Canadians who have to cross the border to pay to get immediate treatment of an unusual nature, this only means that they have the best of both worlds.

I will say that our system used to be the model of the world before the great American institution of greed ruined it. Before the days of health insurance and malpractice suits back in the fifties (I was a mere child) I remember my dad giving our family doctor $5 out of his wallet for a house call to give one of us kids a shot of antibiotic. Given inflation, that might be the equivalent of $50 or $100 today, but can you even imagine a house call? The equivalent would be a trip to the ER costing many thousands.

Insurance and pharmaceutical greed is high on my list of culprits. They formed the engine that made health care unaffordable. Certainly lawyers and government have done their part too, but their elimination from the equation will not make things better. It would only reduce our ability to get redress from a bureaucratic and oppressive system that runs on greed and not service..