I am in debt up to my ears $12,820

I started to fix it by making a spreadsheet. I know I have to pay before it is due so as to not incur late fees and then overlines. I am getting there but need encouragement and help.

Here is the breakdown:


Exxon 300 63.51
Boscov 300 167
Chase 300 269
HSB 545 495
Capitol One 600 562
Capitol One 800 784
Radio Shack 800 790
Citibank 1,600 1,447
Dell 2,000 1,989
Home Depot 2,000 1,922
Nautilus 2,200 2,281
Discover 2,200 2,050

The cards are all cut up and gone. I think I am supposed to shotgun them? Pay one off then go to the next? All help would be appreciated.

Hi there! I just started helping people control their budgets and get out of debt. I have a passion for it and would love to help!

Be sure you make your minimum payments on all cards, but put ALL extra money towards the smallest debt first. Once that is paid off, put all the money you were paying on the first card as well as all extra money to pay off the second card.

The first thing you need to do to help you get out of debt, is control your spending, which I see you have cut up your cards…Congrats! Get on a budget. This is so important. Decide what you need for each category (food, home, electric, gas, etc…) and stick with it. If you spend all your clothing budget in a month, don’t buy more clothes until it’s time to replenish the budget. Find ways to save money, such as coupons for groceries, eating out less, buy used when possible.

If you have any more questions, or would like help setting up a budget, I’ll try to answer any questions.

This is very informative. Is this a good idea to have some moeny keep as fixed deposit and after some years we get a lot more than actual amount. If so then what & where I look for.