Laid Off from Job

I got laid off from my job on Monday. I don’t have a new job yet. I have about $30,000 in total debt, and half of it is medical bills. My car will be paid off in September. My head still has not cleared from this. I have tried to make payment arrangements with the the creditors from the medical debt but the hospital will not budge and is threatening to turn me over to collections. The total debt is $10,000 and they are demanding $205.00 a month. There are 14 other medical bills besides that one. The other half is credit card debt and a loan.

What is the first thing that I should do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First send a brick to your elected officials telling them medical coverage should be the number 1 issue to be resolved for everyone. Why a brick… because they have to see the brick, not crumble it and toss in the trash or delete an email. Elected officials are not doing the will of the people any longer so we need to let them know what is important to us.

Having a $10,000 + medical bill is an unexpected hardship on most everyone and trying to pay in 90 days is just not real. Also making a $200 month payment is not an option for most. I always suggest you send what you can. If the hospital refuses the payment then go to the hospital board. Create a big stink that you are not trying to get out of paying BUT trying to work out what you can afford. Also let them know you appreciate the care you received and highly recommend them!

Thanks for the helpful advice, I am looking that brick right now! My next step will be the hospital board, I didn’t know I had that option and sounds good. I told the hospital that I had every intention of paying, but I just couldn’t afford $205.00 a month and now with no job. The lady was like “that is just too bad.” I received the worst care in that hospital, spiking high fevers and needing medication with no nurse on duty at times because the the nursing shortage. I feel like a victim now just as I did then when I was in there, but I will be okay.