Attempting to catch up and be current on all bills

I have worked hard this year attempting to catch up and be current on all bills. To the most part, I’ve been successful and am meeting at least the minimums.

However – my problem: Chase. I cannot catch up no matter what steps I try to take because I am assessed a late charge ($30) and overlimit charge ($30) each month. This has added an extra $ 500 to my account and it’s a revolving circle. I have attempted to speak to them by phone but was unable to work with them at all. They are outsourced to India and I’m thinking maybe they don’t have the authority or even the knowledge? I’m sure they are just trying to get the money but they are unable to understand what my problem is. Anyway, then I wrote a letter to Chase with a check for $100 asking them to suspend my late/overlimit charges for a few months. They wrote back saying they couldn’t find the check (??). I sent them another check but nothing.

Could anyone steer me in the right direction?

Thank you.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t.
I was in the same position making at least the minimum.
I guess with the new change in higher payments it is at least getting you further along in reducing the debt.
It doesn’t help though when these Cc co’s tack on that late fee and over limit fee.
I had that fee so long even though I had never gone over the limit. With higher interest and some late fees and the compounded interest
I was in the CREDIT CARD TRAP!

It is not easy to get out of because these Cc co’s will hold you hostage with these fees if you are unable to pay the balance. It’s unfair and predatory and it’s all legal thanks to the US Congress who won’t crack down on these predators.