I guess I gotta to File

Well.. I guess I need to file. I will do this on my own with no lawyer. I am in KANSAS. Someone told me that the court picks what you can file and that they can lock you up if they suspect any monkey biz ect also that for 10 years it will haunt you .ect ect I need to complety wipe out my old Bills. Chapter & ? rigth ? You can email me direct. as I dont get to the internet eveyday to check the digest.

You can call the Kansas BAnkruptcy court and they will have a list of docs andmaybe a webiste that you cna print docs off of, also their list should tell you what needs to be filed, there are books inthe library that will tll you what schedules to put various property and bills on… I think the only hard part is if you have a house you may want to get a lwayer before filing but if you rent and have a car loan you should be able to handle, I ve doen it myself twice.

You file for bankruptcy in federal district court in Kansas. I assume there is only one jurisdiction. You may have to deal with state bankruptcy and creditor law if applicable. It should be easy. It usually has to do with what you can shield from bankruptcy. A house where you reside not over a set valuation. You can get help from the court clerks. If there is a law school that you can access(Most are federal repositories and must allow people in)the law librarians I have observed really help people who are forced to go pro se. I used to be jealous of all the attention the public got. All they would tell me was where something was located. Of course, they can show you the law and what papers to file but no one is going to give you personal advice the way a lawyer would. I am on disability right now with a minimal income. I would still see a lawyer. Peace of mind is essential.